Calling all Capricorns- find out the best makeup for your sign!

Have you ever wondered what kind of colors and shades of makeup you should wear according to your horoscope? Granted a lot of you probably don’t believe in it, but c’mon it’s entertaining! Today we have a list of shades and makeup that go accordingly with the Capricorn sign.

For January we have the Capricorn sign. Capricorns are said to be responsible, disciplined and very self-controlled so a very soft look is to be expected. Capricorns are part of the Earth element meaning they lean towards the more natural expression of color. Some shades that are associated with earthiness are greens, grays, browns, and very neutral shades.


A great look using these tones would be, for example, pairing a soft green eye look with a very pretty nude/brown lip. You could also do a neutral toned eye and some gloss! If you’re not a fan a very natural makeup looks you can switch up to a very dark burgundy lip to add more intensity but still incorporate that earthiness to the look with neutral toned shadows on the eyes. You can definitely switch these shades up to your preference to create a look that speaks to you most!

A palette perfect for a Capricorn inspired look would be the Natasha Denona Green-Brown palette! It’s packed with those beautiful earthy tones that are essential and pops of green. This palette is available at ($239.00).

Now, I’m aware that not everyone has $239 laying around to spend on an eye shadow palette, but no need to worry because I have an affordable alternative for you guys! That’s right, that palette is the “NYX In Your Element: Earth” palette. It doesn’t have as many shades as the previous palette but it’s literally an Earth palette. It has that stunning green shade and the neutrals as well. This palette is available at Ulta Beauty ($30).



There you have it, you can now create a makeup look according to your Capricorn horoscope! Personally I love these color combinations and think they go beautifully with the traits of the Capricorn sign. What do you guys think? What colors do some of you Capricorns wish were incorporated in these looks?

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